West Hill Farm & Ranch

Services & Fees:

​​​My services include:

  • standardized testing
  • a variety of written evaluations
  • objective approval letters for students identified with special needs
  • several homeschool diploma options
  • transcript services
  • general homeschool consultation
  • private tutoring

Fee SchedulePayment is due at the time of the interview. Cash or checks are the only accepted form of payments at this time. If you are unable to pay these fees, please let me know and other arrangements can be made.

Peabody Individualized Achievement Test (P.I.A.T.) - Standardized Testing, $60 for students I evaluate: $65 for students I don't evaluate.

  • *If your child is in grades 3, 5, or 8, the portfolio must include the results of a standardized test for at least reading, language arts, and mathematics.  These test results no longer need to be handed into the local school district.  I will again be offering the Peabody Individual Achievement Test (P.I.A.T.-R). The PIAT-R is accepted by the PA Dept. of Ed. and can be given for all grades. If you would like to schedule testing at the time of evaluation, please let me know when you make your appointment. If you need information on other testing options please feel free to contact me.

Short Form Evaluations: This form is for students in grades 1 -12 who don't need credits on their evaluation.  The short form is a checklist type and meets the letter of the law.  If the pre-evaluation form is filled out prior to the evaluation and brought along to the evaluation, your appointment will take 30 minutes.

            Basic fee: for March through June evaluations: $45.00
            $40. for each additional child.

Short Form with Credit Evaluations: For grades 9-12, the short form includes subjects with credits earned.  This type of evaluation is acceptable for parent issued diplomas and for the Susquehanna Valley Diploma Program.  If the pre-evaluation form is filled out prior to the evaluation, your evaluation will take 45 minutes.

            Basic fee: for March through June evaluations: $55.00
            $50. for each additional child.

General Evaluations:

            Basic fee for grades 1-8 through June 15: $65.00
            $60. for each additional child.

Detailed Evaluations:

            Basic fee for grades 9-12 through June 15:  $75.00
            $70. for each additional child.

**Secondary students need the detailed evaluation if they are using through the Erie homeschool diploma programs.  Students using the Susquehanna Diploma Agency can choose a detailed evaluation letter or the short form with credits listed.  Students utilizing an independent diploma program such as Keystone, American Homeschool Diploma, and various colleges, etc. may use the short form with credits.

High School Transcripts:

        **There is a one-time $15.00 fee for all student transcripts.

Long Distance Evaluations:
       **I offer several community evaluation dates in the Williamsport, Jersey Shore, Muncy, Mill Hall, and Avis areas.  Check with me for available dates and times.  There is a $15.00 charge per family for distance evaluations to help defray gas costs.