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Elementary Pre-evaluation Form in Microsoft Word

  • Use for students in grades K through 6th.

2019 Pre-Evaluation Worksheets and Planning Form:
Please click on the following links to print and fill out the appropriate forms.

By filling out this basic information before the evaluation, I can spend more time reading selected writing samples and discussing the student’s schooling. These forms provide me with information regarding what curriculum or learning materials were used. The student will enter the evaluation with confidence because he/she has had a chance to record the highlights for each subject and to answer basic questions. 

**You may mail these forms to me before your evaluation date or bring them along with your portfolio.

Pre-evaluation Forms

7th - 12th Grade Transcript Planning Form in Microsoft Word 

  • Use this form to help you plan the secondary students education.

Secondary Pre-evaluation Form in Microsoft Word -

  • Use for students in grades 7th through 12th.